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If you’re considering becoming one of our patients, be sure to check out our current reviews below.  In our office we strive to provide you with the best possible dental experience.  If we have met or exceeded your expectations please take a minute to leave us a review on one of the following sites and let us know.   If by chance we have fallen short of your expectations please share your thoughts with us as well so we can attempt to correct the situation and continue to improve our service.  Thank you for your feedback.

Patient Feedback Patient Reviews

My wife was very insecure about her smile. Dr. Papac was very sincere in listening to what my wife wanted for her smile. He did an excellent job giving my wife the smile she deserves and she's been smiling ever since. The staff is very helpful and friendly and always very family. Thank you Dr. Papac for giving my wife confidence and helping her know just how beautiful she is inside and out!

Joe A.
August 2016

I cannot be more happy with my experience at Great Northwest Dental and the whole entire staff. I haven't had the best experiences with dentist but having Dr. Papac and his staff take care of me has completely changed my attitude about going to the dentist. Besides the normal cleanings and what not I also had some cosmetic surgery on my front teeth that took almost a year to complete because there were so many steps involved but I am SO SO happy with the outcome and my experience through it all! My teeth look phenomenal and they took such good care of me! I love them so much I travel from Spokane WA to still be able to have them as my main dentist office. They are such a wonderful company and I am so grateful for Dr. Papac and his staff!

November 2016

I avoided going to the dentist for many years, but had a problem I could no longer avoid.

I went to see Dr. Papac, and not only was my problem taken care of, but it was the best experience I have ever had with a dentist, bar none.

Earlier this summer, I had Dr. Papac replace a lost crown on a front tooth, which I had left uncovered for several years. He used the Cerec technology and created a new tooth in the office. He took a little extra time to make sure that everything about it was correct. It is so perfect that I think it is actually BETTER than original tooth.

The office staff has always made the visit painless, and has always preauthorized procedures with my insurance, and made scheduling easy. The staff is incredibly friendly and reassuring, and I have never dealt with a dentist office that has paid as much attention to deal and the comfort of their patients.

I cannot recommend them enough.

Clinton W.
July 2015

The staff is very friendly and were very understanding of my fear of going to the dentist. So every time I go they are ready and willing to help with my anxiety. Plus they were very quick to get all my dental work done in a timely manner so I could start my orthodontics! Thank you!

Sylvia G.
July 2015

I love the entire staff at Great Northwest Dental. For years they are the only people that I trust my smile to. Now that I have children it is a bonus that my kids love getting their teeth cleaned. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone I know and love.

Anita W.
January 2014

Great Northwest Dental is the best! Dr. Papac is great and the staff is even better! Excellent dental care provided by the nicest people! I actually enjoy my dental appointments since I've been going to Great Northwest Dental!

Brenda H.
August 2015

My kids and have been going to great northwest dental for over 8 years. We have always loved the great care we have received! The staff makes us all feel at home and listens to all are concerns. I highly recommend great northwest dental to anyone!

Joyce M.
Auburn, WA

The dental work is magnificent! The office staff are like family.

John P.
November 2015

Going to the dentist is definitely not on the top of my list, but the great team of assistants and the doctors have made my visits to the office pain free and relaxing experiences.

John W.
Snoqualmie, WA

Great Northwest Dental is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! The office staff is warm and welcoming. They are the most accommodating office I have ever attended. Not that they just offer you coffee, tea, pastries and a variety of treats upon arrival, they remember you by name. They make you feel as if you are the "most important" person in the world. The hygienist are phenomenal. They remember the little details during your visit. Even knowing when to apply vaseline and when to use suction.
For years I was traumatized about going to the dentist, because of negative childhood experiences. Since going to Great Northwest those fears are gone. I know its not considered "manly" to go to the spa, but this is truly like an experience to the spa. I look forward to going and wish I could have cleanings done more frequent than every six months. THEY ROCK!!!

Emery W.
Auburn, WA

My family and I have been going to Great Northwest Dental for some 30 years. Their team of fun, enthusiastic, skilled and knowledgeable professionals are the best in the Northwest. Their professionalism and knowledge of dentistry is the reason why we keep returning. Over the years of scheduled family dentistry, my family has received the best state of the art cost effective procedures and have always kept my budget in mind. With all that said, It is with great pleasure to recommend Dr. McCabe and Dr. Papac and their team of fun professionals at Great Northwest Dental for all your dentistry needs.

Arnel H.
Longview, WA

My family have patients of Doctor McCabe for over thirty years. I believe it says a lot that the staff has been relatively the same over the years. The professional performance and the blend of a family atmosphere makes it a perfect place for someone looking for a dental practice

Dave B.
December 2013

I have been going to Dr McCabe since I was young, I have always enjoyed the staff and Dr McCabe when going in, its always refreshing to walk into the office and being greeted so well! I've always appreciated how well the Hygienists and assistants compliment Dr McCabe and Dr Papac. You admire how passionate Dr Papac and Dr McCabe are with their craft, it is comforting to know you are always in good hands with both dentist. I have referred people to Great Northwest Dental and will for many years, Thank you to everyone at Great Northwest Dental for standing out from the pack and always giving the best service,oh and thanks for my great smile

Bryson S.
November 2013

My whole family has been part of Great NW Dental for as long as I can remember. The staff is professional, friendly, and really care about their patients. When I finally received medical insurance, I knew who I wanted to as my dentist. That group of great people have watched me grow over the years, feels like family every visit!

Ball N.

My entire family has been going to Great Northwest Dental for 30 years or so and their work has always been fantastic. The dentists and staff are friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a good dentist this is the place.

Auburn, WA

My husband referred me to his dentist that he has been going to since he was a child and I was a little nervous going to someone new, until I walked into Great Northwest Dental. Starting with the staff, who warmly welcomed me the moment I walked in, the office was clean, not to mention I did not have to wait to be seen, I am so used to waiting at previous dentists but the staff was ready when I was!! I have seen Dr. McCabe and Dr. Papac what great talented dentists. They go out of their way to make you comfortable and do amazing work, and you can tell their assistants and Hygienists are very experienced, they dont skip a beat. Its one thing to go to a a good dentist, but to see passion and excitement with your dentist is refreshing, you can see that they love what they do. I was pregnant and had a severe ache in my tooth, so I called the office to see if by any chance they could see me. Dr Papac was able to help me out, and prevent me from having a bigger problem with my tooth, which could have been worse. Being pregnant they knew they had to handle me with cation and calm the nerve in my tooth, and that pain relievers were not an option. I now have no pain and feel great, thank you so much Great Northwest Dental staff and thank you Dr McCabe and Dr Papac

Summer S.
Federal Way, WA

I strongly recommend that you visit this Dental office if you are in need of some dental work. Not only will you be greeted by wonderful and nice people that make you feel at home, but you will get the opportunity to have a great staff work on any dental issues you may have.

Arnie C.
October 2013

I can honestly say this is the best dental office I have ever been to. They really take the time to listen and genuinely care about my wants/needs/concerns. I didn't have to wait for my appointment for 20 min like every dr other office. They got me back right away. I am a very nervous patient going to the dentist, and they gave me different options to calm my nerves for fillings. The staff is very nice and energetic. They didnt make me feel stupid for not seeing a dentist in a long time. Definitely will be recommending this office to friends and family

H S.
Tacoma, WA